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“A huge thanks from me as well for your support with this invaluable activity for the Year 6 pupils.

It's always great to see the pupils interacting with our visitors to learn about the jobs you do” – Sarah Finningan, Steps ahead Training

On Friday, Natalie Finnigan – Senior Quantity Surveyor and Beth Wade – PR and Marketing Executive attended a ‘Steps to Success’ afternoon workshop at Diamond Academy School, Thetford. They were joined by other ambassadors from the RAF and Property Sales industries.

The personal development programme is in place to support and guide young people in their career path from primary school right up until they reach employment. An important part of this is about challenging how children stereo type jobs based on peoples’ appearance or gender

The afternoon started with the 4 ambassadors standing silently at the front of the Year 6 class who were arranged in small groups. The children were told the ambassador’s name and, from this alone, they were encouraged to discuss and guess each person’s occupation. The guesses about Natalie ranged from Hair Dresser to Librarian to Councillor while Beth was thought to be a reporter.

Next, the ambassadors rotated around the groups of children who could each ask three questions to narrow down what their job could be. Naturally the range of questions varied. The most unusual being “Do you like pizza?” with further questions like “Do you look after people?”, “Do you work outside?” and “Do you earn a lot of money?” (Later investigation suggested “a lot” was anything over £5 a week!)

With this additional information, the teams could either change or stick with their original guesses.

When a slide was put up with the job titles, the children could then see what the jobs were, but not who did what. The first job title was Senior Quantity Surveyor for Concertus Design and Property Consultants and (amid a few asking what that meant) the students had to point to their choice of which ambassador held this job. It was a pretty split class with approximately half pointing to the gentleman from the RAF and the other half pointing to gentleman who managed an Estate Agents. There was an audible intake of breath as Natalie was revealed to be the Senior Quantity Surveyor!

The other ambassadors were then paired with their job titles with much pointing and excitement (from those who guessed right) and groans (from those that didn’t)!

After this exciting activity, the year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to ask questions of Natalie, Beth and the other ambassadors as they circulated the tables and gave their advice and answered questions regarding what qualities were needed for their work and what their job entailed. The ambassadors also took the opportunity to talk to the pupils about what subjects they enjoy and can make use of in work.

The day was great in breaking the stereotypes that surround various industries and the lack of knowledge that children have of occupations that exist outside of their immediate view (Jobs in the family, Teacher, Hair Dressers, Dinner lady, TV ‘person’).

Concertus Design and Property Consultants continue to support the Connect EB (STEM Ambassador) programme in supporting the young people of today in finding and pursuing their dreams.