Our expertise in building services and sustainability is used to design buildings and environments that are comfortable, functional, efficient and effective.

It is the integration of building services that allows buildings to be used in the way they are intended. Whether it is heating and ventilation, lighting and acoustics, plumbing, power supply and building management systems, we work closely and collaboratively with clients to design the mechanical, electrical and sustainable systems required for the complete operation of modern buildings. Our expertise enables us to deliver stand-alone projects or work as a part of a wider team. We provide a full service that ranges from consultancy and feasibility assessments to design commissions and full project delivery. We have a proven track record for delivering building services projects that are both capital efficient and energy efficient in life. And, intrinsic to our approach, is ensuring we achieve a result that keeps carbon emissions to a minimum, whilst giving the lowest possible running costs. Our knowledge and experience in building services covers new build and refurbishment projects and ranges from energy utility services and complex system control strategies, through Building Management Systems (BMS), to mechanical and electrical (M&E) services design.

Our Building Services include:

We can provide advice and guidance to develop a strong, sound framework for your project. We work closely with clients to establish their aspirations and, after gaining an understanding of the business objectives, drivers and the challenges of the project, can articulate your needs and help to develop the business case.

We help to establish the viability of projects and can explore a number of possible options by generating feasibility studies that can be used in the early stages of projects.

Using system controls to their full potential can significantly reduce energy and carbon consumption. We can specify and develop control strategies for the implementation, operation and management of various and often sophisticated building controls. At the start of the project, we help clients to understand what these controls do, so they can be implemented and delivered to meet expectations.

For effective energy management we can design building management systems that control and monitor all the mechanical and electrical equipment, such as lighting, ventilation and security systems.

We deliver mechanical and electrical (M&E) design for both new build and refurbishment projects, ensuring that the appropriate heating, lighting, power, ventilation and air conditioning systems are selected to meet each client’s needs.