Acting as the agent, we offer the opportunity to access a readymade construction framework that aims to simplify the bureaucratic and often protracted procurement processes commonly encountered.

Armed with a proven track record of successfully delivering value and cost efficiencies on previous frameworks, our aim is to make the construction framework process easy and straightforward.

The ‘off the shelf’ method of construction procurement covers projects from £100k to £20 million and upwards. We are, not only able to give you access to a framework that provides you with a process to contract construction services, but we can also facilitate the delivery of a tried and tested scheme that can be quickly and efficiently implemented.

Our Construction Framework service package:

  • Is simple and easy to use
  • Demonstrates value for money
  • Complies with EU procurement rules
  • Is robust and involves parties that are experienced with working in the public sector
  • Contains a pre-selected and scored list of locally based contractors to the east of England
  • Is benchmarked using key performance indicators and enables ongoing benchmarking against market costs

“What was impressive was that working with the team at Concertus was easy and enjoyable. They knew what we wanted and removed a lot of the issues and obstacles around the process quickly and efficiently. The result is a framework that provides great value for money in the Eastern Region and one we hope other parties will benefit from.”
Aidan Dunn, Head of Procurement, Suffolk County Council