Our team of landscape architects design and create outdoor environments that enhance and compliment the use of a site and its surroundings.

Our expertise is diverse and we take great pride in our ability to create dynamic, attractive and inspiring landscapes that meet the visions of our clients, providing a positive experience that can be enjoyed by the people who use them.

We work closely and collaboratively with clients, stakeholders and our colleagues, to understand the needs and vision of a project. We begin by ensuring that we understand the full function of a site and its environment, to make the most of its usability. We are careful to take into account the unique situation and character of each site, so that a solution that suits both the client and their budget is created. Sustainability principles are also at the forefront of our designs, as well as an understanding of the ongoing maintenance and longevity of a design.

Always using our skills to question, challenge and provide innovative solutions, our award winning experienced team is able to deliver stand-alone projects or work collaboratively as a part of a wider group with multiple stakeholders.

Our Landscape Architecture services include:

Working closely with our colleagues to produce an integrated response, we help to establish the viability of projects and can explore a number of possible options by generating feasibility studies that can be used in the early stages of negotiations with local authorities.

We can design early concept plans and layouts for the promotion of the sale of sites, providing options and possibilities for the client to realise the best in their property asset. Where planning permission is required, we can advise clients, creating the detailed designs and the visuals needed as part of a full or outline planning application. We create workable designs realising client needs. We also undertake visual and environmental impact assessments and collate the relevant surveys.

We work with clients to devise a clear framework for the detailed design of large scale developments, where long term strategies or an expertise in urban design are required. We understand the complexities of an urban situation and the sensitivities to create an environment which works on both the macro and micro scales.

Planting is an integral part of most projects and our aim is to design a scheme that compliments the building’s surroundings, bringing the outside in. Our expertise covers the full range of detailed design, from hard works, which give thought to boundary walls, fences, gates and paving, through to soft works, comprising planting schemes and bio-diversity and sustainable drainage systems. Our planting design capability can be used as part of an external works scheme or as a separate service in itself.

In order for our clients to communicate clearly to their audiences, our skilled designers generate realistic, graphic demonstrations of projects using a range of visualisation techniques, including CAD models, hand-drawn sketches and CGIs.

We can provide advice on all aspects of your project, from ecological consultancy – giving guidance on the impact on the ecosystems, to arboriculture consultancy, where we can discuss the works specific to your site.