Principal Estates Surveyor


Principal to lead the Team within a Professional Area for the Concertus Group.


Team leader:

  • Lead the Estates Team, supporting the Business; Team and colleagues to achieve required outputs and to maximize potential
  • Manage the Team effectively with adherence to commercial performance and resource management via productivity and time methods
  • Support the Associate and the Directorship team, link effectively and proactively with other teams within Concertus
  • Work flexibly to support delivery across the service and business
  • Participate as a member of the Concertus team supporting colleagues and working collaboratively to develop the professional area of responsibility; and the collective Professional Services of the business
  • Work proactively and flexibly to support delivery across the professional services, with a commercial and solution focused mindset
  • Take ownership for own personal development


Customer service:

  • Deliver great customer service to all existing and potential clients with a primary focus on ensuring commercial performance/ behaviour
  • Liaise with clients and other parties
  • Work collaboratively with professionals within the Concertus Group and third parties
  • Provide an efficient; effective and business-like point of contact – adhering to the Concertus Group visions and values
  • Deliver a consistent and professional level of client service always to Clients, with a commercial focus and understanding regarding the Concertus Group
  • Excellence in advice towards design and property professional matters across all areas of the Concertus Group. Ensure a proactive and solution focused culture


Business strategy:

  • Lead and support the strategy for the Professional Area
  • Support the development of the Service Plan for the professional area of the Concertus Group
  • Cultivate new clients and retain existing clients
  • Responsibility with the Associate for recruitment to professional area
  • Responsible for the resource Management of the team


Business delivery:

  • Authority for matters associated to professional areas
  • Develop; deliver and innovate our professional services in the defined area and across the Concertus Group
  • Lead on improving productivity; efficiency and connectivity in professional areas (project; programme; sectors and clients)
  • Lead on communication matters with clients and third parties
  • Ensure projects are completed to budget; quality requirements; outputs and time, aligning with Exceptional Service principles
  • Preparation of professional information associated to professional area
  • Solution focus relating to Design and Property constraining factors
  • Resolution Management of matters associated to project and business issues
  • Administration of projects/ cases and contracts


Communicate effectively:

  • Create a positive and professional impression of the Concertus Group
  • Deal with all contacts professionally, in a timely and proactive manner
  • Communicate with colleagues efficiently and respectfully


BIM roles and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring Asset Information requirements and/or MIDP requirements set out
  • Enable integration and co-ordination of information within information
  • Enable reliable information exchange through a common data environment
  • Configure information for project outputs
  • Assure delivery of information exchanges
  • Confirm supplier’s ability to deliver information requirements
  • Co-ordinated delivery of all design information
  • Manage information development and information approvals
  • Confirm Design Deliverables


What you need to know:

  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal, with the ability liaise effectively to support the delivery of professional services; business development and conflict resolution
  • You will be a highly experienced professional with strong organisational and interpersonal skills
  • You will hold an HND/ Degree in a Design and Property profession
  • You will be a professionally chartered or hold relevant experience in a Design and Property Profession
  • You will be a member of a relevant professional body (desirable)
  • You will have management experience and be able to demonstrate leadership competencies
  • You will be able to work effectively under pressure, demonstrating the ability and desire to go the ‘extra mile’
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • A comprehensive knowledge of Design and Property legislation
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Proficient in design and property specialist packages
  • Strong experience of managing Design and Property projects; and teams across a multiple client base/ sectors and contracts
  • Client account and relationship management experience


Measures of success:

  • Feedback from colleagues and clients
  • Contribution to professional service at an operational and strategic level
  • Team performance
  • Professional service improvements
  • Accuracy and timeliness of support
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Professional service delivered within fee proposal and agreed targets
  • Professional services delivered to agreed Service Plan
  • Service delivery performance indicators
  • Associate and Director feedback


How you act:

  • Team worker – You work collaboratively with your team to achieve better outcomes for customers
  • Service deliverer – You focus on delivering a service that provides great outcomes for our customers
  • Customer focused – you put the customer first
  • Shows initiative – you come up with ways of improving how we do things
  • Well organised – you prioritise your work to get things done.
  • Willing to learn – you want to acquire new skills that will support you in your role
  • Flexible attitude – you are prepared to work flexibly to deliver the service

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