2019 Cyber Essentials achieved

It is a great start to 2019 at Concertus, as we are thrilled to achieve the accreditation from Cyber Essentials for the second year running.

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a world-leading, cost-effective assurance mechanism for companies of all sizes to help demonstrate to customers and other stakeholders that the most important basic cyber security controls have been implemented.

This means that we can reassure our customers that we are working to secure our IT against cyber-attack. We recognise that digital security is crucial to ensuring protection against internet based threats and so do other organisations, as even some Government contracts require Cyber Essentials certification.

The Cyber Essential scheme defends against the following attack, which they consider to be threats:

  • Hacking — exploiting known vulnerabilities in Internet-connected devices, using widely available tools and techniques
  • Phishing — and other ways of tricking users into installing or executing a malicious application
  • Password guessing — manual or automated attempts to log on from the Internet, by guessing passwords