Christmas charity campaign success

We ended 2017 with an exciting Charity Campaign to raise money for our two chosen charities, Inspire Suffolk and the Soma Leo Foundation.

The campaign named, The Concertus 12 Days of Christmas consisted of 12 fantastic prizes, donated by a variety of local business’s in Suffolk. The prizes, enabled us to sell tickets to staff where their name got entered in to a ‘pot’ and each day a name was pulled out at random.

The campaign alone, in 12 days raised nearly £600, all of which will be donated to our two charities for this year, below:

The Soma Leo Foundation – A charity that has taken on the responsibility to raise the funds necessary to establish schools in Kenya, Nyiera and Osieko, invest in further phases of development and meet their ongoing running costs. See more here:

Inspire Suffolk – A charity which supports young people through their sport, health and education programmes. They carry out numerous projects throughout Suffolk that educate, motivate and inspire young people. A lot of these are carried out at schools. For example, free sports classes within schools. See more here:

The event would not have been so successful if it wasn’t for the following business’s who kindly donated the following prizes:

A huge thank you to the above organisations for your kind donations, for more information on our Charitable initiatives and events, please click the link to our Trading For Good page;…