National Apprenticeship Week at Concertus

This week is National Apprenticeship Week. Two years ago we welcomed our first apprentice into the Business; Alice Cruz who successfully completed the Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Business Administration and upon completion got promoted into a Business Assistant role. This year we welcome our second apprentice; Lorelei Cruz who is working towards the same apprenticeship.


‘My apprenticeship involved gaining an insight into the core day to day running of the Business Team. The supportive members taught me whilst also letting me complete the tasks, it meant I was able to learn whilst doing which was great. I was also supported with time to sit and study each week. I am so grateful to of been given the opportunity to gain the qualifications in this way which has given me a job that I love, which wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for the apprenticeship.’

How long have you been at Concertus?

I joined the Concertus team on 10th July 2017. It took me one year to complete my apprenticeship course.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I was encouraged to consider an apprenticeship by a colleague at my previous job. She explained the benefits of being able to learn and earn at the same time. I have a strong desire to learn and was keen to gain a qualification which would enable me to have a career change.

How has your apprenticeship changed you in work and outside of work?

My self-confidence has significantly increased throughout my apprenticeship journey. I pushed myself to complete my apprenticeship earlier than predicted. This gave me the belief that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, both professionally and on a personal level. I now answer proudly when people ask me what I do for work.

How has Concertus supported you?

The Business Team were brilliant at mentoring me. Everyone in the team spent time with me teaching me what they do and I learnt all the pieces of the puzzle that come together to support the Business. It was interesting, enjoyable and it taught me more than I could of done if it wasn’t an on-the-job course. The leadership were really supportive and flexible with offering me study leave to concentrate on my coursework and exams. I felt like they were on the journey with me, guiding and helping me to succeed.   


‘I wanted to start my career within an office environment, but I didn’t have the qualifications or experience, so when I heard about the apprenticeship I knew it would the perfect choice for me. I am excited for my future at Concertus and I have already started to learn new things every day. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.’

How long have you been at Concertus?

I have been at Concertus for two months and I already feel part of the team!

Why did you choose to get an apprenticeship?

Having heard Alice’s success story, I knew I wanted to join a team which would support my progression into a new career.

What do you hope to gain from the apprenticeship?

A key area I am interested in is learning how a business operates successfully. My on-the-job training will allow my experience to be built upon and assist in achieving a valuable qualification.

How have Concertus supported you so far?

I have regular meetings to monitor my progress and have been given the necessary resources required to complete my apprenticeship by the deadline.