Suffolk Armed Forces

Concertus was happy to lend its support to Suffolk Armed Forces Weekend which was organised by Suffolk Coastal District Council and took place in Felixstowe over the weekend of 24 and 25 June.

It was always going to be an ambitious plan holding an event over two days; at multiple sites involving boats, planes, music and battle re-enactments consisting of five different groups, three of which were Dutch. But, luckily the wide range of support from the local community and a variety of organisations including Concertus made the organising committee’s job a whole lot easier.

Great feedback has been received from visitors, volunteers, participants and the military. This includes the message below from a veteran living in Ipswich.

“Society spends so much time complaining, I felt it appropriate to give mine and my friends thanks for a wonderful weekend during the Armed Forces Weekend. I wanted to congratulate SCDC and the good people of Felixstowe for staging such a magnificent event.

You really have done your armed forces community proud. Can you do it every year please, as I think whoever follows you in 2018 has an extremely tough act to follow.”

The weekend’s activities were linked to a 350th anniversary celebration of an earlier feat of arms which saw the fore-runners of the Royal Marines defeat a larger Dutch force at the battle for Landguard Fort in Felixstowe in 1667.