Matthew Self

Executive Director - Commercial

Matthew is passionate about design and the built environment and sees his role as a custodian of all aspects of the business that are involved in design, ensuring that quality and improvements are consistently delivered by the team with a constant focus towards the client’s objectives.

As a director, his responsibilities include making sure that the culture of the business is professional and collaborative, ensuring that the ‘easy to do business with’ mantra is at the heart of all its professions.

However, when he first started his career, the last thing he expected was to be part of the senior team at a Design and Property Consultancy, but his management and motivational skills have enabled him to develop a reputation as a creative, supportive and flexible professional who is more than happy to roll up his sleeves to get the job done. Matthew is particularly proud of the team he has around him and how they have helped to make Concertus the business that it is today. He understands how to get the best out of people and how it is important to work collaboratively with the client, contractor and stakeholders to get the best result.

A project of particular significance to Matthew is Clements Primary School. At Clements, Concertus worked with the client; school and community at all stages of the project to find out what they wanted; supporting, questioning and challenging their thinking. The result was a new school that met and exceeded client and community requirements; winning awards for its design and engagement with the community.

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Bachelor of Architecture
Diploma in Architecture
Master of Architecture
PRINCE2 Practitioner

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