Sarah Pennock

Business Manager

Sarah leads the Business Team for Concertus. Her ambition is to develop the skills within the team and the Business by expanding upon the expertise that the Business functions provide.

Sarah joined Concertus in October 2013 and has seen the Business Team rapidly grow to now offer a wide range of specialisms from Finance, IT, Project Database Management, HR, Marketing, Business Analysis and Mapping all alongside the core Business functions.

Sarah has developed the ever growing team to get stuck in to anything that the Business requires, working together to guarantee the best possible solution for our clients.

Sarah’s role is focused around the company wide K.P.I’s and ensuring that as a business we evaluate the service we provide continuously, by looking for strengths and weaknesses. Developing the ways in which Concertus work to align with Concertus’ objectives, visions and values.

In her role, Sarah manages the accreditations for the business alongside the implementation of their practice information management system. These both assist in making sure that all disciplines within the organisation work closely together with ease, as a multi-disciplinary consultancy, working together in collaboration gives them an edge on their competitors. In addition, maintaining the accreditations gives their clients the confidence that they do everything they say they do! To do this, Sarah encourages, trains and leads all members of Concertus to work alongside the expertise of those within the Business Team and to use the project database to add extra value to our services.

Sarah’s attention to detail, ambition and quick thinking has proven to be a great asset to the team.

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