Northfield Primary School

The Brief:

Under Suffolk County Council’s new Primary Capital Programme, Northfield St Nicholas Primary School was earmarked as a priority school required for redevelopment. The school occupies the same grounds and main entrance as Poplars Primary School, also earmarked as a priority school. Because both schools had a similar requirement under the capital programme, the two projects were designed, constructed and completed together.

Northfield St Nicholas Primary School was required to increase the schools pupil admission numbers to accommodate up to 420 pupils, plus 26 full-time or 52 part-time nursery pupils.

The Scope:

Concertus was engaged to provide a service and design solution which could deliver the client’s shortfall of space and unify all parts of the school together. We provided the lead consultancy service, and other design services listed to explore and construct several new build elements and extensions along with a full refurbishment of the existing school buildings.

There were changes elsewhere in the school including new windows, improved solar shading, improved insulation, and efficient mechanical and electrical works.

The Result:

The implemented design solution helps towards improving the general school environment and contributing to raising educational standards in this part of Lowestoft. Additionally the works included:
• Improvements to the security of the school grounds
• Insertion of a new multifunction space deep into the heart of the school located between existing remodelled buildings. This means that the school will be organised around a central open linear space, lit by large overhead roof lights
• Improved circulation throughout the building, which also incorporates a novel and interesting designed group space where fully glazed coloured natural light windows provide a warm and inviting space to teach in
• Use of energy efficient design and materials

Measure of Success:

• An education facility that has the flexibility to meet the needs of the local community and schools curriculum
• Fully refurbished design with new windows, improved solar shading, improved insulation, more efficient lighting
• The new layout of the school and the improved external environments creates different sequences of space both within the building and in the landscape design
• The delivery of the project under phased handover ensuring the school can expand and contract along with the incoming school pupil allocation numbers and design proposals
• The introduction of particular materials and dedicated structures to control glare and overheating