Old Kent Road

The Brief:
This project site is based on Kinglake Street in Southwark, London and currently consists of 48 council managed garage spaces. The proposal for the site is to develop a complex of accessible homes in a car-free environment, this will include 21 residential units comprising 4x three-bed houses and 17 flats of various combinations. In addition to this, the proposed development will have a commercial unit with a floor area of 117sqm on the ground floor. All flats and houses will abide by the Lifetime Homes Guidelines and the London Mayor’s Standards and 2 of these properties will abide by the Wheelchair Standards.

The Scope:
Our team was asked to work on stage 4 of the project after receiving stage 3 from Pollard Thomas Edwards. Due to the guidelines we were asked to abide by, we double checked all the layouts we had been given to find they were not in line with the Lifetime Homes Guidelines, Wheelchair Standards or the London Mayor’s Standards. With these guidelines in mind, we went through the design and amended it to suit the requirements.

Our Structural Engineers liaised closely with our Architects to adjust the structure accordingly. Being a multi-disciplinary practice made this process simple as these teams work within the same building. The Structural Engineering team ensured any architectural changes would not have a significant impact on the cost of the building. They made sure the building was optimised and as light as possible (one of the client’s requests). We needed to work in relation to the foundations of the original building and guarantee the two buildings would work structurally. The buildings also had to work with the site conditions and be as safe as possible. Assisting our client with a Party Wall Award was also included within the scope of works.

Our architectural designers met with Aspen Build Ltd to discuss wall types, building structure and M&E services. Regular attendance at our client’s meetings allows us the opportunity to provide information directly to their client and answer any queries they may have. Our team have monthly meetings with Southwark Council to ensure we are remaining on programme and answering any questions raised regarding final detail and overall cost. The programme includes tight deadlines. These are communicated to the relevant people and have been met to date. Demolition is due to start on site in mid-November and building work in mid-February 2020, with a completion date expected in October 2020.