One Public Estate – Programme Management

“The Board were encouraged that the Partnership is continuing to work hard to develop a pipeline of projects. We were pleased to note the Partnership Board’s recent engagement and wider strategic focus with local health partners. This demonstrates the potential for additional project ideas to emerge in the future.” Angela Harrowing, Programme Director, One Public Estate

The Brief:
We have been asked to take responsibility for the delivery of the Ipswich, Central and East Suffolk One Public Estate (OPE) Partnership Programme. This role will concentrate primarily on the partner engagement and collaboration involved for this complex programme of projects.

The Scope:
Acting as Programme Manager for the Partnership, our Senior Project Manager monitors and reports on the progress of OPE accountable and developing pipeline projects to central government, the OPE partnership Board and other multiple stakeholders. With the support of our Projects Team, she prepares and submits OPE funding applications on behalf of the partners to enable delivery of the pipeline. These include health, blue light, central government, county, district and borough partners. Working alongside OPE partners, we are managing the programme of works and ensuring we deliver the agreed project outputs. Budgets are controlled to make sure OPE financial resources are used efficiently and are recorded and scrutinised by central government. Additional funding will be secured when necessary to allow projects to be delivered on time and to budget; understanding and advising on funding opportunities across the partnership forms part of this role.

To support the continuing development of relationships between partners, stakeholders, key public bodies and Central Government, we effectively lead communication and stakeholder engagement for the Partnership.

The Result:
Our involvement over the last 2 years in establishing the Ipswich, Central and East Suffolk One Public Estate Partnership has contributed to the successful building of the Partnership and the achievement of Phase 7 OPE Funding to support new projects and continued Programme Management.

The extensive knowledge our team holds of other partnerships’ successes and challenges will be beneficial in the continued growth, development and delivery of the Ipswich, Central and Suffolk Partnership’s aspirations and objectives.