Mildenhall Hub

“I am delighted that all the partners have agreed to commission Concertus to look at the viability of the project. The Hub concept is intended to put Mildenhall at the forefront of public service delivery, improving services and opportunities for the community as well as reducing costs for local taxpayers.” – James Waters, Councillor and Leader of Forest Heath District Council

The Brief: The Mildenhall Hub is a unique project as if it successfully goes ahead; it will be a national exemplar and a model for other towns to follow in the UK. We were appointed, via a competitive tender, to produce a business case for creating a single site hub for all of the town’s public services. The case had to include a full option appraisal of all existing public sector sites.

The Aim: The centre would be the first public sector hub in the UK to involve this amount of partners and to include education. The single site would accommodate six public sector organisations including health, education, leisure, police and the local authority. As well as providing the town with a central point and easier access to community services, the hub would reduce overheads and create better cost efficiencies by consolidating the back office functions and reception areas.

The Scope: In order to explore the possibility of creating the hub, we developed a robust business case to allow partners and stakeholders to conduct due diligence on the proposed community facility. We engaged and consulted with a large number of stakeholders (30 plus), consolidating all their ideas and requirements. We also carried out land surveys and architectural design proposals. Each option was fully costed to include the build, capital receipts and any land purchase. As well as producing all background and supporting information, we also gave a 25 year lifecycle cost.

The Result: The business case was completed, providing 13 options for a ‘Mildenhall Hub’ including associated financial information; all of which could be reviewed and challenged by partners and all stakeholder groups. The partners are now assessing the options and conducting due diligence.