Hillside School

“A particular challenge was carrying out the extension work while the school was occupied. To allow the school to function, we phased the project, and reorganised and moved rooms to temporary locations as we progressed.” – Roger Pratt, Senior Designer – Architect, Concertus

Brief: Suffolk County Council’s Children and Young People’s services (CYP) employed Concertus to expand Hillside Primary School and Nursery in Ipswich from 2FE to 3FE while the school was still occupied.

Scope: First, we created a new stand-alone 2 class nursery block. This released the space in the existing nursery to provide extra classroom spaces and a new extension was added so that it would accommodate a library, meeting room, medical inspection room and first aid room.

We had to phase the works to keep the whole school functioning adequately and safely throughout the works. We focused on a particular area and when completed, the school was reorganised and classes moved to free-up a new site to be altered or extended. To help the process along, the administration and main reception area was relocated temporarily and the library was housed in a temporary building on the school playground.

The other work included:

  • A new front main entrance extension and associated internal alternations to the administration block, creating a new staffroom from the existing library.
  • Internal alterations to create three new reception classrooms from the existing nursery block
  • Internal alterations to form a new classroom from existing staffroom.

Our external works involved primarily an extended and re-organised car park with new security camera with access control as the initial enabling works. Thereafter other external works involved a new timber canopy, new area of asphalt and re-grading works to the grassed play area and existing pathway to form a level access into the building. The school also hosted PV cells on the school roof – a project also managed by Concertus.

Result: The project ended up approximately £60K under budget.