St Christopher’s PV

“The planning and installation of the PV array at St Christopher’s was a very smooth and straight forward process for us the end user. (Contractors) were in constant dialogue with the school, making sure that disruption to the fabric of the school and its operation was kept to a minimal level and so that the school knew what was happening and when. Works were carried out quickly and efficiently with the site being left as it was found, but with the addition of a 21KW PV system”. – Orron Bush, Premises Manager, St Christopher’s CEVCP School

Brief: Having worked closely with St Christopher’s on the design and construction of an extension at the school, we were successfully appointed to undergo the installation of Solar PV.

Scope: Vital for Solar PV to be installed to comply with building regulations, a suitable roof area was identified and confirmed capable by our structural engineer. The array design was finalised by Bauder and a pre-start meeting arranged between Concertus, Imtech and the school.

The installation process made use of a scissor lift to reduce the amount of scaffolding required at ground level and speed up the installation. Edge protection scaffolding was used around the perimeter of the roof. Bauder, the roofing contractor, bonded the PV array mounts onto the roof and Imtech completed the wiring and testing.
Once installed and commissioned, the array was registered for the school by Concertus to receive the Government feed-in tariff incentive.

Result: The array is monitored and performing well and generating electricity for use by the school.