Eye Library

“It’s been a great team effort with Suffolk County Council, Concertus and RG Carter working together with Suffolk Libraries to deliver a modern library facility that will provide a better library environment and experience for everyone in the local community.” James Powell, Suffolk Libraries

The Brief:
We were appointed to undertake the development of the proposed new library in the town centre. The existing library premises was in a state of disrepair and was deemed to be of more monetary value if a provision for housing was applied for. The capital receipt for the proposed housing needed to cover the proposed new build costs of the library so that there would be no additional cost to the County Council.

The Scope:
Our multi-disciplinary team worked closely to provide a variety of successful solutions which met the client’s requirements. The sale and acquisition of land was carried out by our Estates team.
We needed to tailor the design to suit the tight programme deadlines and lower the impact on the local community. An offsite manufactured Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) was implemented to reduce road closure times which resulted in a faster construction process. Collaboration with Suffolk County County Council, Mid Suffolk District Council and Suffolk Libraries was necessary to deliver a space suitable for a modern library in the town centre. The closure of the car park had to be planned in advance to ensure it was programmed to suit key shopping periods. Library staff were included in key decisions on internal design and layout to make certain the space designed was dedicated to their use.
A high level of recyclable materials were integrated into the design (for example aluminium windows and timber cladding). These materials reduced the impact on the environment and lowered costs.

The Result:
The project was delivered within budget and by the client’s ambitious deadline. The library has been very well-received by the local community, Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Libraries.