The Lindbergh Centre, PRU

“Renovating an out-of-use 1930s building to create a new pupil referral unit presented us with specific challenges and requirements. But our team delivered a robust plan to give children and teachers the environment they need. Overall, we did an outstanding job delivered on time and on budget.” Darren Fellowes, Associate, Concertus

The Brief:

As part of the Suffolk County Council framework, we were asked to remodel and refurbish the redundant Priory Heath Primary School to create a new pupil referral unit (PRU). Located next to the site of the recently demolished Holywells High School, the original 1930s building had seen many changes over its 80 years.

The Scope:

We delivered a robust design for a school environment fitting for pupils who are unable to attend state schools due to exclusion, but who require a dedicated, closer working environment. The teaching areas that we have provided are smaller, and suited to an increased number of teachers. In addition, we created specialist spaces for classes including home economics and science.

During the initial phase of the renovation, Parkside PRU moved into the building. It was vital that we kept the building safe, so the existing external door system was replaced with a secure entrance area, which is linked to magnetic locks, as well as to the fire, access and escape control system. The existing toilets, staff area and office were completely refurbished and more staff toilets and showers were added, along with an accessible WC.

The Result:

The new accommodation is filled with light, with the façade providing an intriguing modern contrast to the original adjacent Victorian school. The internal spaces work well and provide first class teaching and learning spaces for the children.

The use of a two-storey red brick gable end recognises the existing building forms, whilst the design for the glazing demonstrates a modern interpretation that will enable the site to age without the different extensions conflicting with each other.