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Bradley Dedman joined Concertus 7th November in aim to seek experience in design and property consultancy. Unsure of what he wants to achieve with his career, Bradley contacted Concertus in hope to learn the skills that you gain through a busy office environment.

Bradley began his journey by working amongst our Structural and Civil Engineering team in his first week; analysing drawings of schools and then re-structuring all the beams with guidance from Marino Veiga who took the time to over the week to explain all elements involved in Structural & Civil Engineering.

In week 2, Bradley began his practice within the Building Surveying team, where he realised how much he enjoyed using software CAD, all of the team supported Bradley in absorbing all the fundamentals of Building Surveying.

At this point, Bradley could confidently say that he enjoyed the design element of the industry, and therefore would benefit from experiencing the Architectural side of our organisation. Following this, Bradley is now in his second week of working alongside a range of experienced Architects.

Bradley explained: “The placement gave me the opportunity to explore a variety of different areas within property and design. I have gained key skills for future practice.” Bradley also wanted to say ‘thank you to everyone at Concertus for providing such a welcoming environment and treating me as part of the team from day one’.