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Our Building Surveying team provide professional services and advice to deliver the best value projects, with regard to cost, time and quality.

We offer the full scope of Building Surveying services, including alterations, extensions and refurbishments, across a broad range of sectors. The team have significant knowledge and experience of solution-focused Building Surveying services, covering programmes and projects of differing scales and types.

Our team of Building Surveying Consultants will work collaboratively with you to understand your needs and ensure your objectives are met.

Our Building Surveying services include:

Access Audits

It is essential that this type of audit is carried out by a “suitably competent person”. Our team of auditors are members of the Chartered Institute of Building and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, so we are perfectly placed to assist you.

Building + Condition Surveys

Our Building Surveyors provide a detailed analysis and assessment of a building’s condition and integrity. This can be for existing assets or a property that a client is considering purchasing.

Clerk of Works

Our Clerk of Works plays a crucial role in ensuring that construction projects are built to the required standards. We can monitor the project, ensuring that the work is progressing on schedule and is being built to the agreed-upon standards.

We ensure the effective monitoring of progress of the work, check the quality of materials and workmanship, identify, and report any defects, and ensure that projects comply with all relevant regulations.

Condition Improvement Funding (CIF)

Our Building Surveyors are experienced in assisting academies with applications for Condition Improvement Funding. Using our extensive knowledge, we can help you to prepare robust submissions with our bid writing services. This will enable you to enhance the condition and performance of your buildings.

Construction Project Management + Contract Administration

Project management and contract administration for projects is provided from commencement to completion. We ensure the high-quality management of schemes for both our existing services and disciplines as well as bespoke services. This supports the development, delivery and execution of projects.

Demolition + Enabling Works Management

We have a successful track record in managing demolition and enabling works projects. Our services range from advice and the production of fully comprehensive information to project management.

The collaborative approach we have adopted ensures a considered and intelligent delivery of projects to achieve all objectives successfully.

Detailed Design, Specification for Repairs + Refurbishments

Working alongside our client, we provide advice to enable the development of a robust framework for the delivery of a project. We add value by understanding the immediate requirements and then anticipating other elements that may not have been considered.

Our services cover the project life cycle, from initial survey and preparation of the relevant reports, through the development of a brief and the design, to delivery and completion of the project.

Fire Compartmentation Surveys

Compartmentation surveys are essential in ensuring that the owner of a building has complied with statutory requirements of current regulations, as well as making sure the property provides the required protection in the event of a fire. Our experienced team have handled many of these surveys and can help you today.

Glazing Surveys

All our surveyors are trained to use the correct kit, helping to identify the type and thickness of glass.

Historic/Listed Buildings

We have the understanding and technical knowledge required to make sure the correct materials, techniques and statutory consents are adhered to when conducting heritage projects.

Insurance Works

Support with the assessment and valuation of rebuilding, restoration and renovation costs on properties for insurance purposes.

Measured Surveys

We can provide site and building measurement services, including the production of 2D and 3D information.

Party Wall Matters

Professional services are offered for Party Wall matters. This includes advice on the process and implementation of the procedures for the owner of the building and neighbouring properties.

Planned Maintenance Programmes + Asset Management Surveys

We work successfully with clients to undertake surveys of their buildings and assets. These surveys support their understanding of the condition of the building and the work that will be required to address condition improvement requirements.

Our approach takes into account the short, medium and long-term perspectives. Records, schedules and programmes are produced, allowing our clients to gain an understanding of how to take care of their properties and assets.

Planning + Building Regulations Applications

Our Building Surveying team can help you obtain planning and building regulations approval for your project. They can provide advice or complete the prospective applications for the proposed works.

RAAC Surveys

If you are an owner of a school or public sector building with a flat roof that dates back to the 1980s and before, we would highly recommend having a RAAC survey. Concertus are proud to have colleagues who are experienced Chartered Members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Institution of Structural Engineers, and the Institution of Civil Engineers – meaning we can undertake RAAC Surveys.

Schedules of Condition

We will establish the condition, repair liability and work required to manage and improve the condition of your building.

Schedules of Dilapidations

To support the understanding of dilapidation liabilities for both Landlords and Tenants, we adopt a holistic approach that utilises our skills across all disciplines. The result is advice, assessment and a schedule, which understands the complete fabric and infrastructure of your building project.


“Concertus responded to an urgent development need for some of our most vulnerable customers in Suffolk. The team’s work ethic, commitment, and quality of work exceeded all expectations.”

Shirley Mutumburi, Contracts and Service Development Manager,
Suffolk County Council – Adult and Community Services
Project: St Edmunds Road

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