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Our integrated approach allows us to provide coordinated, sustainable, and efficient solutions for buildings, structures, drainage and paving.

With a focus on durability, safety, economy, buildability and aesthetics, our team of Structural and Civil Engineering Consultants deliver design and engineering projects across multiple sectors.

We provide civil and structural engineering design services in all major materials for new builds, extensions and alterations. Working collaboratively with clients, consultants and contractors, we ensure your vision and aspirations are fully understood and delivered for your project.

Our Structural and Civil Engineering services include:

Civil Engineering Design

Our Civil and Structural Engineering Consultants undertake the design of infrastructure projects, including sustainable drainage ‘SuDS’ schemes, retaining walls, riverbank and bridge works, hard-standings (including car and lorry parks) and site accesses.

We have an excellent success rate in gaining planning approval from Lead Local Flood Authorities for sustainable drainage schemes.

Contaminated Land Assessments Advice

Our team can identify potential contaminated land constraints, provide practical advice on the requirements for investigations and offer cost-effective solutions.

Feasibility Advice

We regularly provide feasibility advice to our clients, considering the structural and civil constraints of a site in terms of drainage, geotechnics, contamination and existing structures.

Our advice can help you optimise your investment at both pre-purchase and pre-development stages.

Flood Risk Assessments

Looking at all potential sources of flooding and the site constraints, we identify cost-effective SuDS drainage solutions that enable development and support successful planning applications.

Geotechnical Investigations Advice

We can advise on geotechnical issues and design suitable investigations for structural and infrastructure projects.

Investigation, Inspection, Analysis + Repair Schemes

We are experienced in delivering investigation, inspection, analysis and repair schemes for structural defects, cracking and subsidence issues.

Structural Design + Analysis

We design new build structures, extensions and alterations identifying cost-effective and elegant structural forms. Leading the way in innovative building design and construction, having been accredited BIM Level 2, we work collaboratively with other disciplines to reduce duplication.

Working within a 3D modelling environment, we provide structural analysis of existing buildings to facilitate their change of use and extension.


“Sybil Andrews Academy is an incredible achievement in designing and building a new 21st century educational and sports facility from a standing start – and all within two years. It is a real credit to all those involved and to the collaborative ‘will-do’ approach. The students at Sybil Andrews Academy are in awe of their surroundings which act as a real inspiration in and out of the classroom.”

Tim Coulson, Chief Executive, Samuel Ward Academy Trust
Project: Sybil Andrews Academy

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