Concertus’ Project Costs are Lower than EBDOG National Averages

The Education Building and Development Officer Group (EBDOG) consists of Local Authority Officers and property professionals. Working within their own Local Authority, they are responsible for effective asset management of schools (and other premises).

EBDOG have conducted a national cost benchmarking study in conjunction with Hampshire County Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Department for Education. This survey includes a selection of 819 projects across England (including 601 primary schools, 159 secondary schools and 49 SEN schools) and provides a useful reference point for Local Authorities when establishing their school building costs. This is now the largest national study of its kind. We provided a sample of our innovative projects for the report; both new developments and refurbishment/extension projects.

We’re thrilled to announce that all of the examples submitted were below the averages presented by EBDOG, with the Concertus average costs per m2 being approximately 12% lower than the 2018 EBDOG sample projects for refurbished primary schools. We work hard to ensure we create an exceptional standard of quality, balanced with value.