Woolpit Health Centre

“I just wanted to say, on behalf of the partners, a massive thank you for supporting and guiding us through and making it as stress-free as it could be. We do appreciate it.” – Ben Spriggs, Woolpit Health Centre

The Brief:
The client did not have internal capacity to carry out quantity surveying and contract administration services to RIBA stage 5. We were selected to undertake these areas of work to alleviate the pressure on the client.

The Scope:
We provided support to the health centre by assisting the design team to create a CQC compliant building. It was necessary to include ventilation and an air conditioning strategy.

Early discussions with the contractor, lead designer and client enabled us to quickly realise there were issues with some of the specialist design elements. Being part of a multi-disciplinary unit, we were able to provide the resource required to resolve the problems and complete the design quickly and cost-effectively. We were able to prove this by market testing the quotations we provided for the additional design elements.
Due to the project being at a live doctors’ surgery, the health provision needed to be maintained throughout. This made access difficult. We overcame this by adding a preliminary phase to resolve the access route issues and liaising closely with the contractor and client to replan the works. The original programme dates were still maintained. Furthermore, we assisted in rearranging the health centre’s activities to maximise the use of available space. The works were co-ordinated with planned holidays to minimise disruption and ensure continuity.

The Result:
Our team helped the client gain additional funding and cost savings. By maintaining a positive working relationship during this challenging project and through negotiations with the contractor and design team, including an analysis of the key areas of design, we have provided significant benefits. These include saving approximately 10% of the build costs in reduced extension of time claims, avoiding abortive works and reductions in variations. We delivered more than our original role asked of us to achieve both value and quality.

Although this team orientated project was not delivered under a framework, we used our framework experience to ensure it was delivered with minimal disruption to the client’s ongoing business and with no difficulties for any of the parties involved.