Hady Primary School +
Deer Park Primary School


Our Building Services team were asked to replace the heating systems (which had come to the end of their life) for both Hady Primary School and Deer Park Primary School. The works for both school sites were required urgently.

Key Info

Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Project Type:

Contract Type:
Hady Primary School – JCT Minor Works
Deer Park Primary School – no contract

Derbyshire County Council

End User:
Hady Primary School
Deer Park Primary School

Hady Primary School – Constructa Ltd
Deer Park Primary School – Derbyshire County Council

Project Value:
Hady Primary School – Hady Primary School – £165,000.00
Deer Park Primary School – £110,000.00

Building Services Design
Contract Administrator
Project Management




As a result of the projects being urgent, we needed to complete the work throughout the winter and whilst the schools were occupied. We phased the works to minimise any potential disruption to the schools. Our Engineers worked closely with the schools to carefully consider their requirements and overcome any issues. At Hady Primary School a temporary plant room was provided to maintain the school’s heating and hot water requirements over the winter period. Regular meetings were held with the schools to keep them updated on progress.

The project at Hady Primary School involved replacing the existing end of life non-condensing gas boilers, hot water cylinder and controls with new energy efficient condensing boilers, hot water cylinder, touch screen NeOSS controls and gas safety system. As part of this project all asbestos boarding and residue within the plantroom was removed by a specialist asbestos removal company. Whilst removing the asbestos, further asbestos and issues with the structure of the building were discovered. We ensured the client was kept informed and we responded as quickly as possible to any queries. New studwork lined plasterboard walls were provided to maintain fire protection to the plantroom.

Our works at Deer Park Primary School included replacing all internal heating pipework and emitters (radiators / fan convectors) with new, more energy efficient models and thermostatic controls. The school suffered from a burst on the existing heating pipework under the hall floor. We accommodated this project urgently to make sure the heating system was back up and running quickly to avoid a school closure. The work was carried out in phases, one classroom at a time, with the hall being utilised as a temporary classroom to facilitate the installation.


For both schools, fixed speed central heating pumps were replaced with new variable speed pumps which operate to match system demand and therefore reduce energy usage.

At Hady Primary School, the new condensing boilers have a seasonal efficiency of 95.2%, compared to the existing non-condensing boilers published at 81.5%. This is predicted to save approximately 7500 kgCO2e per year. By responding quickly and efficiently to the client’s needs, we completed the projects before any serious issues arose.

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