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Acting as the agent, our aim is to make the delivery of construction and building services projects straightforward.

The Suffolk Construction & Building Services Framework covers projects from £10,000 to £40 million and upwards, and offers unrivalled capacity, responsiveness, expertise, and flexibility. We will provide the skills, knowledge, and support to deliver outstanding results.

Framework Access:

The access agreement form allows customers to be provided with the key commercial view our official framework documentation. By completing the form, customers are making Concertus aware of their intent to potentially use the framework and enable Concertus to identify the support required for the procurement. The form is also in place to ensure that the documents are treated appropriately, particularly regarding confidential information.

Completing the access agreement does not commit the customer to using the framework.

The Framework is:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Demonstrates value for money.
  • Complies with UK procurement rules.
  • Robust and involves parties that are experienced with working in the public sector.
  • Contains a pre-selected and scored list of locally based contractors in the East of England.
  • Benchmarked using key performance indicators and enables ongoing benchmarking against market costs.
  • The Framework is compliant with procurement regulations and was procured under Public Contracts Regulations 2015 as amended and awarded in 2023.

    Framework Start Date: 1st June 2023
    Framework End Date: 31st May 2027
    FTS Contract Notice Ref: 2022/S 000-028322 Suffolk Construction and Building Services
    Framework – Find a Tender (

Construction Framework Lots

Types of projects which can be delivered through the Framework:

Construction (Lots 1, 2, & 3)

Construction work
Architectural and design-related services
Installation work & services
Demolition, site preparation and clearance work
Hire of construction and civil engineering machinery
Excavating and earthmoving work
Building installation work
Building completion work
Repair and maintenance services of building installations

Building Services (Lots 4 & 5)

Installation services of electrical and mechanical equipment
Energy and related services
Building services
Construction-related services
Engineering services

The Contractors

Here is the list of approved contractors on the Framework

Awarding a contract can be done in two ways: direct award or further competition. Further information can be found on Page 7 of the Framework Brochure.

The Framework allows all forms of construction contracts including NEC and JCT contracts, Traditional, Design and Build, Single and Two-Stage and bespoke forms of contract.

Construction £0- £1m

Boot Construction
Brock FMD
Brooks & Wood
Cadman & Son
Mixbrow Construction
Seamans Building
SEH French
Stroods Specialist Contractors

Construction £750k- £4.5m

Barnes Construction
Brooks & Wood
Kier Construction
Morgan Sindall Construction
Seamans Building
SEH French

Construction £4m +

Barnes Construction
Kier Construction
Morgan Sindall Construction
Pentaco Construction
RG Carter
Wates Construction

Building Services £0- £250k

Bower Fuller
DPL Group
Eyre Group
Stroods Specialist Contractors

Building Services £150k to £1.5m

Bower Fuller
Cadman & Son
DPL Group
Eyre Group

Benefits of the Framework

Construction Framework benefits include:

Allows All Forms of Construction Contracts

Including NEC and JCT contracts, Traditional, Design and Build, single and two-stage.

Appointing Contractors

An appointment can be made in 8-10 weeks. This means your project can progress quickly.

Best Practice

The Framework has received best practice endorsements by Constructionline and the National Federation of Builders.


Our flexible approach means that you can manage the procurement process yourself, or take advantage of our full procurement management service. We can also produce bespoke packages to meet your needs.

Compliance with Procurement Regulations

The Framework was procured under OJEU procedures and awarded in 2019. We constantly update our knowledge of procurement regulations to ensure compliance.

Cost Certainty

A fixed fee is agreed ahead of procurement, payable on contract award which means any post-contract variations do not incur additional cost for framework procurement service that has already been provided.

Cost Savings

Framework contractors have been selected through balanced financial and quality evaluation, with overhead and profit maximums set at award of Framework.

E-Tendering System

We have a secure electronic procurement portal to ensure efficient management of further competitions, audit trails and compliance with procurement regulations.


This is the 4th Generation of the Framework, procuring circa 2500 projects in the public sector over the lifetime of the Framework in the Eastern Region.

Fair Payment

Our contractors are signed up to the Fair Payment Charter, committing to payment within 30 days throughout their supply chain.

PAS 91

Used for pre-qualification of contractors, including CHAS/SSIP requirements.

Performance Monitoring

We have systems in place to ensure that works delivered under the Framework are of high quality. Our contractors are measured on time, cost and quality. We also have an ongoing programme of on-site Health and Safety audits.


You can have confidence in the performance of our appointed contractors, based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and long-term collaborative relationships.


All of our contractors have passed frequent financial checks.

Social Value

Our contractors are signed up to add value to the communities in which they operate, by raising educational attainment and supporting the local economy throughout project delivery.

Strong, Local Supply Chains

With regular financial checks our contractors engage with, develop and motivate their supply chains - delivering best value for our clients.


Our diverse range of contractors, including specialist Building Services, provide a mechanism for procuring decarbonisation works for you to achieve your Net Zero commitments.

Time Savings

Use of the Framework eliminates the need for lengthy full OJEU tendering processes, which typically take at least 3-4 months.

Value Management

Our contractors have a proven track record for delivering the best value, consistently delivering below the EFA benchmarking rate.

Social Value

We aim to deliver meaningful change.

We instigate and drive collaboratively creating meaningful change and stiving to continually Making a Difference for our People, Places, Partners and Planet.

To do this effectively, we develop a Local Implementation Plan to co-ordinate the Social Value additionality delivered in collaboration with contractors for large scale builds. From conception to completion, we explore imperative need within the local community, such as high crime rates and unemployment and develop and deliver outcomes which combat the key issues. All social value activity is quantified to ensure the impact is monitored and measured using the TOM System, a set of economic, social and environmental performance measures that underpin every project. Social Value targets are set and agreed, ensuring commitments are in alignment with community need.

Our vision is to create a sustainable and inclusive built environment, that positively impacts our communities with the below aims and goals.

  • Actively engaging with local communities to understand their needs and aspirations and incorporating their feedback into projects.
  • Prioritising hiring local talent, providing job opportunities and contributing to the local economy.
  • Investing in training and development programs to upskill workforce and provide opportunities for young people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds in the region.
  • Adopt environmentally friendly construction methods and materials, aiming to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce and recycle waste, promote sustainability and encourage innovation.
  • Provide guidance and support our local supply chain, SMEs and VCSE to encourage ethical practice including reducing their Carbon Net Zero journey and biodiversity impact. By sharing expertise, resources and encouraging the shift in behaviours and awareness.
  • Invest time and funds towards volunteering and fundraising for charitable causes.
  • Ensuring equal opportunities for all, irrespective of gender, age, race, or disability, fostering a diverse and inclusive regional workforce.

Giving Back Programmes

We strive to maximise social impact for our communities at every level.

To support this, we have developed multiple programmes which support our vision and deliver social value, enabling our community to flourish through effective collaboration with Suffolk Construction and Building Services Framework contractors.

These includes the following:

‘Giving Back’ to the Community – A twice annual community volunteering event will be held within Suffolk for the SCC Construction Framework.

‘Giving Back’ Engagement – An annual event held for social value representatives on the framework. A half day event which allows networking, creative conversations and examples of best practice to be shared with the wider framework. If you would like to register an individual to receive the social value relative invitations, please ensure you send this to [email protected].

‘Giving Back’ to Individuals – A supported network of individuals and organisations that have benefited from the Framework social value activity- Members of the network will have access to our on-line Converse training platform, Employee Assistance Programme, mentoring and project-based learning.

Concertus Design & Property Consultants working with Suffolk County Council have created the 4th generation of the framework by implementing the experience of delivery of projects in the public realm, their expertise in the built environment, and introducing modern methods of construction. The Framework has been designed to support public bodies in delivering their construction and building services requirements, ensuring value for money.

Suffolk Construction &
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