Hulland CEVCP
(Window Replacement)


The existing roof light within Hulland Church of England Primary School’s Hall had been leaking for some time and required a full replacement.

Concertus were commissioned by the client to carry out and project manage the necessary works to design and replace the existing roof light consisting of 12 equal bays of single glazed roof windows. Due to the nature of the project and the fact scaffolding was required, one of the key requirements from the school was that the work be completed within the summer holiday period.

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Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Jennings Roofing Ltd.

Derbyshire County Council

End User:
Hulland Church of England Primary School

2 weeks

Building Surveying


Concertus were involved in this project from inception through to completion.

Our responsibilities included procuring a contractor for the project, which initially there were issues with. The team were keen to resolve this to ensure the project could be completed within the school’s timeframe. By working collaboratively with the client, Derbyshire County Council (DCC), we were able to successfully appoint a contractor, Jennings Roofing Ltd., to ensure the project could be completed before the start of the school term.

To design and specify the replacement the team worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and ensure the new roof light could work more effectively for them. A thermally enhanced self-supporting Monopitch roof light system was utilised, which consisted of 9 equal bays glazed with 25mm Lumira structural polycarbonate sheet. These materials will not only enhance the thermal efficiency of the roof light but will also provide a high-quality finish for the client. The new roof light has also been installed with an electric window opening mechanism, along with the supply and installation of all necessary wiring, switches, sensors, and a control panel. This improves upon the previous operating of the windows via a winding gear system. This upgrade provides the school with a more practical and efficient arrangement to provide natural ventilation to the hall.

A timber drainage gutter system was also constructed, which was designed to facilitate continuous water run-off from the centre of the roof light to the outer edges. The benefit of this design is that it will provide an improved water drainage system for the school that will divert water away from the window; preventing it from becoming saturated and causing similar leaking issues. The team also undertook the supply, installation, and decoration of MDF board internally to provide an excellent internal finish for the client after the works had been carried out.


9 equal bays glazed with 25mm Lumira structural polycarbonate sheet
Thermally enhanced self-supporting Monopitch roof light system


The new window will ensure the school does not experience any more leaks whilst also improving the thermal efficiency.

The new roof light was very well received by the client who are pleased by the quality and appearance of the replacement as well as the more efficient electric control system which was provided. The new electric opening system also enhances the ease of ventilation for the school. The collaborative approach between Concertus and Jennings Roofing Ltd. ensured the project was completed on time and that excellent service was provided for the client throughout.

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