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We began work at Inspire Suffolk as part of our capital improvement projects programme with Suffolk County Council.

Following issues regarding leaks from the roof, the client required a condition survey to identify the problems. We assessed the condition of the existing roof and concluded that it was at the end of its serviceable life. Therefore, the client required us to carry out a full roof replacement.

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Ipswich, Suffolk

Completion Date:
May 2021

Apex Roofing

End User:
Inspire Suffolk

Four months

Building Surveying


To fit our client’s budget, the nature of the project had to be changed from brief to delivery. After undergoing discussions we reassessed the project and decided to prioritise the most deteriorated areas of the roof to prevent further damage from leaks.

We began works on the roof, stripping it down to its structural deck to upgrade and refurbish. Our team ensured the roof replacement included upgraded insulation to make the building energy efficient and meet the necessary building standards. We chose the most durable and long-lasting materials for the roof replacement utilising an insulated flat roof build up with a bitumen felt covering, to reduce the need for future maintenance. The roof supplier also provides a 20-year guarantee, and as part of this agreement, regular quality checks were carried out on site to ensure the roof replacement met the highest standards.

Whilst carrying out the roof work, we identified that the ceiling had been fixed to the incorrect part of the structural deck above, which would have left the ceiling at risk of collapse. We incorporated the necessary works to secure the ceilings fixtures into the planned roof replacement work. Throughout the project we maintained efficient communication between ourselves, the client, end users, and contractors. This included regular progress meetings to keep everyone up to date, resolve any issues and make sure the client was pleased with the work. Efficient communication was also vital to ensure minimal disruption to the day to day running of the building, carrying out various youth activities, which remained completely functional.


The prioritised areas of the roof were successfully completed on time and in budget.

The client is thrilled with the quality of the work we have provided so far, and we are in the process of planning for the future maintenance works required on the building.

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