February 01, 2024

Concertus welcome new Associate and launch new Funding service

Concertus Design & Property Consultants are delighted to announce a new addition to the team, Andrew Brooks. Andrew will be joining as an Associate (Funding) and brings with him a wealth of experience in the voluntary and public sectors. With a background in economic development, regeneration, and funding, Andrew has worked on a variety of projects including domestic regeneration, government funding, and European regional and social funds. In his new role, Andrew will be leading a new service, utilising his expertise to help clients achieve their goals by successfully applying for various funds and grants that are available to them. The team at Concertus Design & Property Consultants are thrilled to welcome Andrew and are excited to see the positive impact he will have on the business.

Funding Places & Communities

The Funding Service that has now been set up is a unique way for Public Sector organisations to find the funding they require to overcome the challenges they are facing. The service is designed to connect organisations with a network of funders and finance/operational methodologies, making it easy to find the right funding solution. What sets us apart from other funding services is the personalised support and guidance we offer throughout the entire process, from application through to funding.

The Public Sector in the UK is facing a range of challenges in 2024/2025, including budget constraints, increased demand for services, and the need to modernise infrastructure. According to a report by Ipsos Trends & Futures, these challenges are likely to create new opportunities for funding finding services to expand their services and reach new markets. The UK government is also pushing towards support for higher levels of government spending and intervention, which suggests growth for all parts of the public sector in the next few years.

Our Funding Service can play a key role in helping organisations achieve their goals of delivering social value through their projects. By providing access to funding options that promote economic growth, social cohesion, and environmental sustainability, funding-finding services can help public sector organisations create a positive impact in the communities they serve. Our service is designed to help organisations overcome these challenges by providing access to a wide range of funding options, including awards, grants, and loans.

Our business model is designed to be scalable, allowing us to grow and expand our services to new markets. We are committed to delivering social value through our Service and work closely with our clients to identify opportunities to create social value through their projects. Our funding solutions are designed to promote economic growth, social cohesion, and environmental sustainability, and we measure our success not only in financial terms but also in terms of the positive impact we have on the communities we serve.

In summary, the future of funding-finding services for the public sector in the UK looks bright, and our funding-finding service benefits both our clients and our business, while also delivering social value and promoting local geographical impact. The challenges facing the public sector are likely to create a growing demand for funding-finding services, while the government’s push towards higher levels of spending and intervention is likely to create new expansion opportunities. By delivering social value and promoting positive impact, funding-finding services can play a key role in helping public sector organisations overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.