May 08, 2024

Celebrating the success stories of our Finance team

We have loads of exciting things happening in the finance team at Concertus. We wanted to take a second to highlight some individual success stories and celebrate their achievements with you all.

Dan Fisk passed his ACCA final exams in January, setting him on a clear path toward achieving full qualification in May 2024. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in his career in accountancy, demonstrating his dedication and proficiency in the field.

Grace Seaman embarked on her AAT level 3 studies in March 2024, beginning with today’s Business Awareness exam. Her entrance into this level signifies a pivotal step in her educational journey, showcasing her determination to advance her knowledge and skills in accounting.

Summer Challis has excelled academically, having passed her AAT level 3 exams with distinction. Her outstanding performance sets a solid foundation as she prepares to embark on Level 4 studies in July 2024. This achievement underscores her commitment to excellence and her potential for future success in the accounting profession.

Frank Brightman began his studies in AAT level 2 in February 2024 and has already demonstrated his capability by passing his first exam in Introduction to Bookkeeping. This early success indicates a promising start to his studies, reflecting his understanding of the foundational concepts of bookkeeping and his readiness to continue progressing through the AAT levels.

Thank you for your continuous dedication to your roles. We look forward to seeing what you all achieve this year.