April 13, 2023

Meet our Trainee Architectural Assistant, Macauley Simpson-Baker – Q+A

When did you first become interested in architecture?

My interest in architecture grew from a young age after finding out my grandad was a structural engineer. After seeing some of the work and structures he had worked on including the old Nottingham HM Revenue and Customs building and hearing about his career and the industry, this inspired me to explore my creative side and take my own path in construction.

I ensured that when I selected my A-Levels/BTECs and Degree in University I could utilise my creativity and start my architectural journey early – putting myself in the best possible position when an opportunity came up, just like it did with Concertus.

What training have you received since being with Concertus and how have the team supported you?

Throughout the first months of being at Concertus, I received a lot of training to help with my development. There were new internal systems and processes to learn, but I have mostly enjoyed learning to use ArchiCAD. ArchiCAD is a piece of software that allows you to design buildings from the conceptual phase to the construction phase itself.

I’ve been able to learn how to link elements of walls, doors, windows, and roofs to create an external structure. Additionally, I have learnt to provide each element with the correct properties and to take that item from a concept block to one that is connected to relevant and important data for construction. The software has also allowed me to model an accurate 3D building that will assist in further developing detail elevations and sections. Using this software, I’ve been able to work and learn by working on smaller projects, which has boosted my confidence for the future when the project size becomes larger. The team has been supportive of me and my development, and I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to have experienced architects around me to ask questions and have this kind of software aid me.

What are your career goals – where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am currently on a four-year training contract and am looking forward to making the most of the opportunity I have been given. At this stage in my career, my goal is to consistently learn new skills, push myself to be able to work on larger projects and become the best architect that I can be by learning from the team around me. My aim is to progress to an Architectural Designer and continue my progression from there.