February 06, 2024

National Apprenticeship Week 2024

National Apprenticeship Week 2024

We have witnessed that project and professional teams are the most creative, innovative, and collaborative when they are diverse. Therefore, we seek to build a business that benefits from a range of experience levels, industries, and insights. We not only offer recruits the opportunity to partake in an apprenticeship but we are invested in the people who are already part of Vertas Group.

As a graduate or apprentice, you can benefit from mentoring, blended learning, and support to gain further professional qualifications and/or chartership. We work with everyone to ensure that they can follow their desired career path. Last year, we met with just some of our apprentices to find out how they were getting on. Now, a year later, we are joined by Laura Spink, Project Finance Assistant, and Harvey Barfield, Trainee Civil Engineer, to see what they have been up to since.

When we last caught up with you, Laura, you were only a month away from your End Point Assessment (EPA). How did your EPA go, and how has your role developed since finishing your apprenticeship?

My EPA went really well, and I officially completed my apprenticeship with a distinction in February 2023. Now that I have received my Level 3 Business Administration qualification, I have taken on new responsibilities, such as leading all training of our internal information management system. My apprenticeship helped me understand the business functionalities and allows me to help support other members of the team.

When asked what your career goal was last year, you said you would like to continue your professional development. Would you complete an apprenticeship again?

I am passionate about continuing to develop within my role, so should the opportunity arise where an apprenticeship would support my learning, I would definitely complete an apprenticeship again.

Harvey, you started at Concertus back in April 2021 and are currently studying towards a Civil Engineering Degree (Level 6) at Suffolk New College. What have you learned throughout your apprenticeship, and how has that helped you in your day-to-day role?

At Concertus, we provide both Civil and Structural engineering services, which means I have been developing my skills within both disciplines for the last 2 ½ years. Since I joined, I feel as though I have developed as an engineer and as a person tremendously. Although I do feel this is mainly due to the help and support from my colleagues at work, along with my University Tutor. Recently, we have completed the ‘Structures A’ module which covers the basics behind Structural design. I feel like this module was taught brilliantly, and it has been a great help in both reinforcing my existing knowledge and providing me with alternative methods to solve problems.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to join the industry or already working within the industry about starting an apprenticeship?

I recommend starting a Civil Engineering apprenticeship for its hands-on learning, providing practical experience in the field, and accelerating skill development. The exposure to real projects enhances your understanding of the industry, while networking opportunities foster connections with experienced professionals. Completing an apprenticeship not only makes you more employable but also boosts confidence in applying theoretical knowledge to actual projects. Earning a salary during the apprenticeship adds financial support and job security. Overall, I feel as though it serves as a great foundation for (hopefully) a successful and fulfilling career.

Our apprenticeships and training programmes provide the valuable opportunity to earn a salary and start a career as part of a successful business with real-world experience, whilst also gaining the qualifications needed to excel in the industry.