June 07, 2023

New Suffolk County Council £500m Construction and Building Services Framework

Suffolk County Council and Concertus are delighted to announce the evaluation of the new Suffolk Construction Framework 2023 is complete.

Suffolk County Council (SCC) and Concertus are delighted to announce the evaluation of the new Suffolk Construction Framework 2023 is complete. The new framework will run over a four-year period from 1st June 2023 to 31st May 2027.

The new iteration of the framework consists of three separate construction lots and two building services lots. The aim of the framework is to ensure SCC and other public sector partners who choose to use the framework, have an effective and efficient route to deliver projects in the East of England.

Details of the lot bandings and successful contractors are listed below:

Lot 1 Construction £0 – £1m projects
1. Boot Construction
2. Brock FMD Ltd
3. Brooks & Wood Ltd
4. Cadman & Son
5. Mixbrow Construction
6. Seamans Building
7. SEH French Ltd
8. Stroods Specialist Contractors

Lot 2 Construction £750k – £4.5m projects
1. Barnes Construction
2. Brooks & Wood Ltd
3. Kier Construction
4. Morgan Sindall Construction
5. Seamans Building
6. SEH French Ltd

Lot 3 Construction £4m + projects
1. Barnes Construction
2. Kier Construction
3. Morgan Sindall Construction
4. Pentaco Construction
5. R G Carter
6. Wates Construction

Lot 4 Building Services £0 – £250k projects
1. Bower Fuller
2. Ceetech
3. DPL Group
4. Eyre Group
5. Imtech Inviron
6. Stroods Specialist Contractors

Lot 5 Building Services £150k – £1.5m projects
1. Bower Fuller
2. Cadman & Son
3. Ceetech
4. DPL Group
5. Eyre Group
6. Imtech Inviron

In addition to traditional new build construction and refurbishment works, the framework can be utilised for a variety of construction services including specialist demolition, temporary accommodation and modular builds as well as condition improvement works, covering both fabric and infrastructure upgrades.

The introduction of Lots 4&5 for Building Services is to provide a mechanism for procuring decarbonisation works and supporting SCC’s vision to become Net Zero by 2030 as well as to deliver other M&E-based project work, including EV Charging Points, Solar Panel installation and heating improvements. The decarbonisation of public estates is crucial, and working with companies that are aligned with renewable energy technologies will also bring a better value for money for users across the framework. All elements of the Framework can be accessed by SCC directorates and wider Public Sector partners.

Matthew Self, Managing Director at Concertus, said: “We are thrilled that the new iteration of the Suffolk County Council Construction framework is now live. It is great to see the enthusiasm of all contractors and suppliers in supporting the Councils ambition to achieve their Net Zero and Social Value targets. These commitments will make a real positive difference to Suffolk communities over the next 4 years. We are excited to see so many local firms appointed and look forward to continuing our positive working relationships”.

The framework can be adapted to suit a variety of contract types including JCT and NEC forms of contract, along with single and two stage procurement routes for traditional and Design & Build projects.

All Framework partners are committed to supporting Social Value and recognise the additional benefits construction can bring to the communities in which they work. We are excited to continue the delivery of key schemes across Suffolk and its surrounding communities.