October 30, 2023

Vertas Group Launches Menopause Leave for Employees

To mark World Menopause Day, The Vertas Group has introduced a new policy offering leave to colleagues who are experiencing menopause symptoms. Employees will now be entitled to sick pay as per their terms and conditions for feeling unwell with Menopause symptoms. This leave will not affect an employees’ absence score.

The new company-wide policy has been introduced to support colleagues who are experiencing menopause, helping women navigate their symptoms most comfortably and effectively.

The policy aims to recognise the unique challenges faced during this transitional phase of life, enabling women to work while prioritising their health.

Just last year, Vertas Group signed the Menopause Workplace Pledge, and the newly introduced Menopause Leave is another step in the right direction. The policy provides greater flexibility, acknowledging how symptoms and their severity vary greatly and can impact work differently.

For employees at Vertas Group, of which 63% identify as female, the new policy will hopefully also stimulate conversation surrounding post-reproductive health and contribute to a more inclusive work environment. Employees also have access to menopause training modules designed to equip colleagues and managers with a better understanding of the challenges associated with menopause.

Kate Innes, Vertas Group’s Chief People Officer, said: “People are at the heart of The Vertas Group, and we strive to support all our colleagues at every phase of their life, including menopause. The new policy is crucial to promoting employee health. We hope that giving our employees the option to take Menopause Leave will give them confidence in managing their symptoms whilst balancing work. We know this is an essential step in fostering a more inclusive workplace and creating an open dialogue surrounding women’s health.”