September 02, 2021

Our New Website is Now Live!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website. Our team have worked hard to design the new website, ensuring that it provides an elevated experience for both our current and prospective clients. The aim was to create a website which represents our core values and showcases who we are, how far we have come as a company, and the work our teams deliver. As well as celebrate the contribution of ideas, passion and hard work by our clients, contractors and the variety of organisations involved in the projects we deliver.

Since embarking on our journey in 2013 with 60 employees, the Concertus family has grown to now include over 200 team members. We have also extended our client base and broadened our project portfolio, covering a greater range of sectors and geographical locations. This has provided us with even more opportunities to share and collaborate on projects with many of you, contractors, clients and subconsultants alike. Creating new relationships and continuing to build on old ones. This has allowed us to work on countless amazing projects over the years which embrace this sense of collaboration. Without the input and continued support of all those we have worked with these achievements would not have been possible.

As we grow, we are continuously looking for ways to improve and progress as a company, and our new website is a representation of this progression, as well as demonstrating our focus on providing the best experience for our clients. In addition to improving ease of navigation the website re-design concentrates on sharing our company information and news stories in an interactive and creative way. This has led to the creation of a user friendly, informative, and modern platform to share our company with you, keeping you up to date on all of the fantastic projects we are working on. We hope in doing this, visitors to our website will be able to gain an insight into the collaborative Concertus team and the diverse range of services that we can deliver and have delivered with the help of all those involved in the journey so far. We can’t wait to use this platform to share with you the numerous case studies we have compiled highlighting the brilliant work we have delivered for our clients alongside our collaborators.

As Concertus reach key milestones in our growth strategy and we develop our award-winning services, we will continue to update our content for you with company announcements and project updates.

We are extremely proud of the entire Concertus team and those who worked so hard to create our new website, as well as grateful to our clients who continue to provide us with the opportunities to work on their projects, and the contractors and sub-consultants who help us to achieve outstanding results. We hope you will enjoy visiting the new website and we look forward to sharing the next steps of our journey with you.