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This project was one of the first on Central Bedfordshire Council’s ‘Schools for the Future’ programme.

Works included a new traditional build two-storey teaching block with associated external works and internal refurbishment works to existing school buildings.

Key Info

Henlow, Bedfordshire

Project Type:
New Build + Refurbishment

Central Bedfordshire Council


Contract Type:
JCT Intermediate Building Contract
with Contractors Design 2016

Project Value:




We collaborated with the client and end user to understand their requirements and allow us to incorporate their feedback into the design concepts.

The comprehensive design addressed specific requirements, including a new teaching block for Key Stage 2 pupils and the addition of a new library facility. The refurbishment and remodelling of existing school structures aimed to increase the overall facility size.

Coordinating construction activities whilst maintaining the school’s daily operations posed logical challenges that required careful planning and communication. Dividing the project into three distinct phases allowed for a structured approach to the implementation of our logistical plan. The initial phase focused on constructing a reception extension to provide urgently required additional pupil places. This extension contained two purpose-built teaching classrooms, providing modern and well-equipped spaces which are tailored to support the effective teaching methodologies of the school. The design emphasised a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, encouraging a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Phase 2 focused on the construction of a new teaching block. We ensured the modern teaching block echoed characteristics of the existing school buildings but emphasised the dark feature brickwork to provide the building with its flair and visual depth to the facade. The purpose-built school building provides students with state-of-the-art classrooms, a large library, a studio, and a SEND room (within the main school environment). A calming and inspiring space, which considers the durability of finishes and facilitates safe surroundings, allows pupils to develop independence and self-confidence.

Good practice was adopted for the building method ensuring the building achieved good air tightness, enabling it to perform above building requirements and gain an A rating. We’ve improved cycle ways and provided cycle shelters, encouraging greener ways to travel. External works also included highway improvements, car park expansion (to alleviate issues), and provision of a MUGA. The overall site achieved further enhancements through strategic planting, helping to achieve a biodiversity net gain of at least 10%. Our landscaping works addressed recreational needs as well as the Council’s commitment to the environment.

The refurbishment and remodelling of the existing school (Phase 3) was comprehensive and included a new library extension, remodelling for a dedicated SEND office and larger general office, and the revitalisation of key areas such as the staff room, Headteacher’s office, reprographics room, and the main hall. The refurbishment aimed to breathe fresh vitality into the space, ensuring it aligns with modern functional needs whilst enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.


“We believe the environment will help inspire the learning of many generations to come, while helping to raise educational standards.”

Cllr Sue Clark, Executive Member for Families, Education and Children, Central Bedfordshire Council

“It was an honour to be part of the Derwent Primary School expansion, in line with the Schools for the Future programme. We recognise how the completion of the construction works of the Buttercup Block is going to shape, inspire and develop the learning of future generations to come.”

Moomith Ullah, Director, SMD

“Derwent is truly 21st century ready, with a modern, warm and vibrant set of buildings enabling us to teach an exceptional curriculum to our pupils. We look forward to being the school of choice for all our local primary pupils and aim to give them the best chance to learn and be exceptionally well-educated children as they move onto secondary school.”

Samantha Barlow, Executive Head, Derwent Primary School


It has been a privilege being part of the Council’s vision to build schools for the future.

The extension allows Derwent Primary School to raise educational standards and increase its age range by two-year groups.

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