Landmark House

The Brief: Constructed in the late 1990s, and originally commissioned  by Agilent Technologies. The building suffered several years of neglect until being occupied by SCC and Suffolk Police.

The roof covering has constantly allowed water ingress despite numerous patch repairs. This culminated in a section being blown off in high winds. Since then the roof covering has been held in place by somewhere in the region of 20,000 covered bolts (pictured above). Due to the historical saturation of the insulation material, the floors below have suffered from years of water damage following heavy rainfalls. This has caused damage to both internal decoration and floor coverings.

Concertus were approached to come up with a solution that would offer long term guaranteed protection from water ingress and achieving good levels of insulation.

After careful consideration, Concertus decided that the Bauder ‘Bauderflex’ Warm Roof system would be the most appropriate and with a 20 year guarantee for materials and workmanship, would more than satisfy the client’s requirements.

The Result: Following numerous delays due to bad weather, which remained a continuing theme throughout the project, works finally commenced in early November 2017.

Works progress throughout the Winter months and were finally completed in  early April 2018. Fortunately  the client was understanding of  the delays and  gave the contractor every opportunity to make up time over weekends and  some Bank Holidays.

Having completed the works a handover meeting was held at Landmark House and the clients, both SCC and Suffolk Police expressed their thanks for work well done under arduous conditions.

The biggest issue that faced the project team was the exposed position of the roof and the need to efficiently clear waste material. Wind speeds were checked on a daily basis in order to ensure the risk of materials being blown off the roof before removal, was minimised. Additionally , only small sections were taken up and re laid in order to minimise the build up of waste material, paper wrapping etc. on the roof. Removal of AHUs and aerial masts prior to the new covering being installed had to be co ordinated with Police Facilities Manager, Chris Rush, to ensure continuity of use.