Dale Hall Pre-School

The Brief: Based on a feasibility report and as part of a DFE funding bid, a need was identified by Suffolk County Council to increase local childcare provision, so it could meet the new offer of 30 hours free childcare for working parents. Three brand new, purpose-built pre-schools were given the go-ahead in Suffolk with one being based adjacent to Dale Hall Primary school. Following on from its work on other pre-schools, Concertus was appointed to design and manage the project which would create 30 new places.

The Scope: Work began in December 2016 on the new Buzzbee Babes pre-school in Dale Hall Lane. Initially, the team was tasked with finding an appropriate site where the new pre-school could be constructed, and which met the design brief. The Scheme then involved the demolition of an existing bungalow and the construction of a new single-storey brick and block pre-school building, along with associated landscaping works.

The Result: The Project was finished under budget and the completed pre-school building has been developed following stakeholder engagement and consultation, as well as adopting lessons learnt from previous pre-school projects. As all construction disciplines were channelled through Concertus, this enables constant communication and regular feedback and reviews with the client. Also, working in collaboration with the end-user ensured the fittings and fixtures were placed in the best possible locations to meet the functionality of the building and to suit how they work and operate the space.