Thomas Lord Audley School

“What initially started as an M&E project was developed by the trust and Concertus to cover a significant number of health and safety concerns across the estate. Concertus were receptive to additional requests and ensured financial reporting was up to date. This allowed our trust to plan effectively to meet the needs of the estate, whilst removing risk factors and long-standing health and safety concerns.” – Steven Scott, The Sigma Trust

The Brief:
The client commissioned us to make comments on a condition survey carried out by others and then to identify the essential works required in relation to meeting current standards.

The Scope:
Boilers within three separate plantrooms were underperforming and needed upgrading to meet current standards. The condition report identified these as potential future points of failure. We undertook major plantroom upgrades to the central plantroom and two separate standalone plantrooms. In addition, extensive hot and cold water pipework modifications were carried out in relation to Legionella L8 compliance. Providing fit for purpose hot water throughout the building was a huge benefit to the school.

As part of the works, a complete toilet refurbishment was undertaken (from design to complete installation), including a complicated asbestos removal element.

We helped guide the Academy in advising where they needed to concentrate their spending to futureproof the school and reduce the risk of the school closing. Close liaison with Sigma Trust ensured they were kept up to date with progress.

The Result:
The client was very pleased with their toilet refurbishment and more efficient and economical heating system. We exceeded the brief and ensured the school was still operational whilst the works were completed.